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Celloate Blinds

Celloates by Packman are amongst the most popular blinds which combine the utility of roller blind with three dimensional attributes of pleated blind making this product, one of its kind. Known for its striking crisp pleats and graceful performance, these blinds seamlessly let light enter your room expressing a simple, elegant mood. In addition to being available in a remarkably wide spectrum of colours and fabrics, these blinds also offer several opacities to give you light control and privacy options you've never dreamed possible. Choose from single, double or triple layers depending upon your energy efficiency. Due to their cellular construction, Celloates are known to the energy conscious as one of the highest energy-efficient and sound-absorbent blinds of any window treatment. For greater insulation, celloates are available in a variety of cell sizes, including 3/8" single cell, 3/4" single cell, 3/8" double cell and even triple cell. The more cells, the greater energy efficiency. By limiting the air flow in and around leaking windows, your energy smart shades could save you money year round. And at a time of rising energy prices, everyone needs to be energy smart.

Celloates also offers many innovative ways to cover your windows with their TOP DOWN/BOTTOM UP, DAY & NIGHT, cord lock, clutch and motorized operation systems. 

Fabric options: Sheer, Translucent, Blackout.


Day and night Celloates:

Packman’s Day / Night Celloate Window Blind is a unique combination of two shades, light filtering on the top and sun block on the bottom. These shades are cordless and can be raised and lowered from either the middle or bottom of the shade, for more privacy and light control options. For an easy transition, our adjustable Day / Night shade allows you to switch from a sheer mode to a blackout mode by combining our light filtering shade with a sun blocking shade. This type of shade can be used anywhere, but is ideal for bedrooms and bathrooms that require both light and additional privacy. This shade also offers you excellent control over the privacy and light levels in your room.

Fabric Options: Sheer, Translucent and Blackout. You can choose either of the two fabrics to be combined for our Day/Night Celloate Blind.

Operating methods: Manual and Motorized Operating system



Top Down/Bottom Up Celloates:

Packman’s Top Down Bottom Up cordless Celloate shades can be raised and lowered from either the top or bottom of the window for light and privacy control. This popular shade provides an extremely versatile control over the privacy and light levels in your room and is ideal for bathrooms or bedrooms. They are nowhere behind in adding that extra beauty and elegance to your home. Without energy-efficient window treatments, as much as 50% of a home's heating and cooling energy can be lost through its windows. Packman’s products help conserve energy at the window in these three important ways:

With innovations like our unique "Top-Down/Bottom-Up operating system, you can maintain your privacy and still enjoy the natural light.


In winter months, your home heating escapes to the outdoors through your windows while in the summertime, the outside heat flows into your home through these same windows. With window treatments that provide insulation, you can reduce energy consumption, save on heating and cooling costs, and create a more comfortable atmosphere. 

Solar Heat Control

The warmth provided by the sun, its solar energy, may be desirable during the winter to help heat your home, but in the summer, it can make a room overly hot and uncomfortable—driving up air conditioning costs. Packman’s window solutions help to control solar heat by allowing it into your home in the winter and minimizing the amount that comes in during the summer.


Daylighting is the practice of lighting rooms with natural light rather than artificial light. By drawing natural light into a room, many of our window treatments reduce the need for other types of lighting, thereby reducing your energy use.

Fabric Options: Sheer, Translucent and Blackout

Operating methods: Manual and Motorized Operating system


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