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Vertical Blind


Vertical blinds by Packman are a combination of blinds and curtains. This window covering product combines the function of traditional vertical blinds with the unique design prints. The motor for this blind is also characterized by easy and wireless programming and operation from a distance. The vertical blind system is perfect for both residential and commercial purposes. They offer you maximum flexibility and creativity. The innovative design allows the louvers to be drawn neatly back to the side to offer clear views. The louvers can also be rotated through 180 degrees allowing the user to control light levels within any room, yet maintain privacy. Vertical blinds are the most economical solution for large windows. By tilting the vanes, sunlight can be filtered efficiently without blocking the outside view. These blinds are less likely to collect dust due to the fact that they stand vertically. Generally they require less muscle strength, and are faster to operate.

Fabric options:Sheer,translucent and blackout.

Operating methods: Both Manual and Motorization option available 

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