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Roller Blinds

Packman's Roller Blinds are neat, practical, functional and most simple yet elegant of all the blinds. Its extensive variety in terms of fabrics, colours, sizes, makes this blind one of its kind.  They are very handy and can be fixed in any room in the home or office. These simple fabric roller blinds give an extremely uncluttered and streamlined look. Both easy lift and motorization systems are available to operate this blind. 


a) Eco View Collection
b) Translucent Series
c) Blackout Series



As an industry innovator in roller shading systems, Packman has taken the lead in providing a complete program of eco-series, which combine healthy, superior performance without compromising the environment. Due to its highly reflective nature, the fabric is an optimal solution for light control and to help reduce solar heat gain. Our eco-screen fabrics complement all environments including offices, health care facilities, audio-visual environments, institutional, educational buildings and personal residences. These are available in various densities starting from 1%, goes uptil 12% and also the blackout option. The eco blackout series maintains high quality at an economical price having a unique pvc-free coated polyester composition. It also has option of unique decorative colours and the look and feel of an elegant rich fabric.

Operating methods: Manual and Motorized operating system.

Packman’s translucent series has an exciting mix of fabrics specially selected to complement and co-ordinate with any room. Translucent fabrics gently filter the sunshine and reduces glare to protect the furniture in the house. Introducing window blinds helps you create a room which becomes an extension of your personality. Its easily adjustable system allows you to control the lighting levels and still enjoy your garden and maintain privacy. This series has high performance fabrics which are available to help reduce heat gain in summer and retain warmth in winter. You can also add those finishing touches to personalize your choice and co-ordinate with your interior design scheme.

Operating methods: Manual and Motorized operating system.

Packman’s blackout series in roller fabrics provide the perfect combination of style, quality and performance. If you want complete block out of light along with privacy, this series is the perfect choice. A blind with insulation properties, it provides maximum blockage of light giving you peace and adding a soothing effect to your room. Whether the look is simple yet sophisticated or glamorous and elegant, our manufactured roller blinds will look sensational in any interior. Each window blind is made to your individual requirements and can be customized by selecting from our range of co-coordinating and contrasting accessories.

Operating methods: Manual and Motorized operating system.



Packman's designer series of roller blinds is a complete package of ease, simplicity and elegance. We have extensive variety of fabric options - sheers to opaques and floral patterns to traditional solid colours in our designer range. What makes it class apart is its beautiful attractive patterns which is sure to add beauty to your decor. They can be operated both manually or via motor and offer a clean look that can provide both style and function. In general, most roller blinds are made of polyester fabrics. For a more modern or fashion forward look, these contemporary patterns feature unique designs in an array of bold colours.

Fabric options: Sheer, Translucent, Blackout
Operating methods: Manual and Motorized operating system.

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