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Hospital Curtains

Packman offers you the economical range of hospital curtains which are manufactured with 100 % polyester yarn and have anti fungal and flame retardant properties. These curtains dramatically cut down the risk of infection which is one of the leading causes of death in today's world. Packman’s Hospital Curtains are made of Trevira CS Bio Active fabric – the Silent Germ Fighter Trevira CS Bioactive has Inherent flame retardant chemistry combined with antimicrobial effect. It is achieved by Modification to polyester, which provides the high level of flame retardancy and antimicrobial effect. Trevira Cs Bioactive is particularly useful for contract and service textiles in hospital rooms and buildings which are subject to stringent fire safety regulation and particularly high standards of hygiene standards regulations.


Trevira Bioactive uses the anti - microbial effect of silver (Ag),
Key Features of Silver ions are as under:

Well known effects of silver since antique times
Very small amounts of silver ions are available to protect the fiber
Silver ions are a broad – spectrum antimicrobial (Gram-neg. /pos.)
Low propensity of cells to develop resistance to silver ions
No migration of additive

Therefore antimicrobial effect based on silver ions, bonded into fibre polymer damage cell physiology, disturb enzymatic processes and thus bacterium suffers or dies

Properties of Trevira CS Bio Active
Permanent antimicrobial and flame retardant effect
Contributes to the reduction of transferring bacteria
Increasing/improvement of hygienic standards
Greater safety against infections
Effectiveness even after 100 washes
Oekotex 100 certified


The fabrics of our curtains not only satisfy all relevant international fire protection standards but also meet the wishes of your patients for a comfortable stay. We guarantee that we provide you the best value and competitive service at affordable rates.


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