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Cleaning & Maintenance

1. Remove dust with a vacuum cleaner or compressed air.
2. Some small marks or stains may be removed by gently rubbing the fabric with a clean white pencil eraser.
3. Do not use solvents or any abrasive substance which might damage the coating of the fabric.
4. Do not scrub.
5. Clean with a sponge or soft brush soaked in water using mild detergent. Use warm or cold water - NOT hot water.
6. Weekly dusting of the blinds with a soft feather brush is advisable.
7. After cleaning the blind, leave the blind down until completely dry.
8. Make sure that curtains are not trapped in the blind as it is being raised. This may result in damage to the blind.
9. Do not allow a blind to be blown about in the wind. Either close the window, or raise the blind away from the opening to prevent damage to the blind.
10. Do not lower a blind beyond the bottom of the window.

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