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a) Fabric Tension system- FTS provides solutions for shading large areas, either horizontally or on a gradient. It is an ideal solution for curved, horizontal or sloped glass panels and even vertical ones where the fabric needs to be constantly under tension. Applications include greenhouses, skylights, terraces in restaurants, hotels and shopping centres. The FTS is a savy dual-motor retractable awning for effective shading of skylights where the system is fitted close to the glass to ensure maximum protection even when the sun is at a low angle. It also resists high winds and let you enjoy your outdoor lifestyle or indoor comfort with relief from the sun's heat, glare and harmful UV rays.


b) Velum- Packman is highly rated in the field of supplying velums. Engineered with perfection, velums are highly flexible and are very easy to install. These are fabricated from marvelous material sourced from our genuine vendors and are stringently tested for its quality. Moreover, these motorized skylight blinds have inbuilt mechanism which protects it from abrasion. Velum retractable shading system delivers unmatched post-free spans for larger commercial and residential applications. Velum outdoor roof and velum indoor skylight shading concepts represents the open air culture.

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