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Curtain Track


Whether you are a designer, architect or an individual, PACKMAN can meet all your drapery and curtain-track needs. The right curtain track, correctly fitted, will make a big difference to the hang of your curtains and the whole look of your room. Enjoy your new or existing curtains with our easy to install and easy to use curtain tracks. Whether you need a straight track installation or a curved one, Packman does it with ease. Our Aluminium GLYDEA Curtain Tracks are of very high quality and are also very sturdy to take the weight of even heavy curtains such as thermal or blackout curtains. This system eliminates many of the problems associated with traditional style tracks, as the PVC tracking and nylon gliders do away with the rusty hooks that tend to fall off, unsightly fixing brackets, and the chipped tracks that tend to get jammed during use. Its versatility is such that a pelmet or fabric valance can be fitted directly to the track with ease, making it a decorating dream, with great thermal capabilities. These tracks can be operated both manually or via remote control and has the unique option of being able to be incorporated into the building during construction, giving a streamlined and unobtrusive appearance and hence, providing the best of comfort to our users.

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