Rose of the edge, Piaget enamel paragraph G0A38083 appreciation

Piaget watch is a Swiss high-end watch brand, has a long history and advanced tabulation technology. Earl once in history has been a level of the title, is the public, Hou, Bo, son, male is a higher aristocratic status, and the count watch in the watch altar also has a high status, its annual Excellent watch new products will suffer in the watch fans look forward to. In this year's Geneva watch salon, the count watch is still not let everyone look forward to failure, launched a variety of swiss replica watches boutique dedicated to everyone, here we together to enjoy a good count of enamel watch. This watch is the model is G0A380803, which is a woman's manual mechanical watch, its size is 38 mm, among the ladies watch be larger, to 18K white gold material to create its early into the human eye, Will make people feel it extraordinary quality and grade. And its disk design is to show its extraordinary and precious, the design of the Earl from the Earl of Eve to grab the inspiration to enamel master personally painted the roses on the disk, the precious and detailed microfluous enamel show In front of the eye. The background of the dial is the use of replica rolex delicate soft pink, so beautifully designed must have been much loved by the ladies, matched with a black silk band, the best lady's soft. Watch carrying the count 430P ultra-thin manual winding movement, the performance of the movement is also quite good, its ultra-thin features to ensure that the entire uk replica watches exquisite, precise travel time to ensure the watch very high quality And its manual features let the watch more grade, for the owner to increase play sex. This Earl Rose enamel watch, it is not just a fine wrist accessories, it is a good art, it is excellent design is a talent, enamel plus diamonds with people feel extraordinary Refined beauty. Silk with the design is also very consistent with the elegance of ladies, but such a good watch, is indeed a rare solitary goods, the master of the case can not be met.